Air and Water Elite

For the ultimate in energy savings and comfort choose Air & Water Elite, providing multi-zone climate control; and water heating for spas, swimming pools, water cylinders and underfloor heating.
  • Motion and temperature sensing
  • Event scheduling
  • Air flow control
  • Lifestyle learning and adaption

Sensing more savings

Air flow is regulated and controlled in each chosen area. Touch switches measure temperature and movement. Ata Touch controls airflow as required, balancing areas to minimise energy consumption while maintaining a desired comfort level. When movement isn’t detected Ata Touch can shut down areas until the sensor detects movement again.

Environmentally friendly

The system runs on electricity – a renewable energy resource – making it the best choice for our environment.


Calculates the optimum water heating time based on water usage and ambient temperature.


Because it runs on electricity, you pay only one connection fee, and one line charge. No need for separate bills.


Once a week the water is heated up to 60°C to ensure there’s no build-up of any nasties.

Multiple water heating

With Air & Water Elite you can heat and control your water for spas, swimming pools, water cylinders and underfloor heating.

Powered by Fujitsu

Fujitsu developed the first-ever Ducted Central Heating & Cooling System to be ENERGY STAR® qualified. Like us they have teams of specialist engineers and designers. It's this specialist engineering that makes their heat pumps so compact, efficient and quiet.

Saves you money

Uses less power - saves you up to 66% of your hot water heating bill.

Heat pumps are known as the most energy efficient form of heating. Ata Touch manages the heat pump to further minimise energy used while maintaining a desired comfort level creating a further 15% saving. Powered by a common heat pump means your capital outlay is dramatically reduced to achieve these savings.

Fast and super-efficient

Heats water 2 x faster than a traditional electric cylinder, for less than a third of the cost.