Relax in the knowledge that you’ll significantly save on your power bills as you step into the customized comfort of your ATA Touch Smart home energy saving solution.

Built by New Zealanders for New Zealanders to match New Zealand climatic conditions ATA Touch uses state-of-art technology: an energy saving solution to give you the “Holy Grail” of energy efficiency and also provides the most advanced home automation solution in New Zealand. ATA Touch has been developed by a leading New Zealand automation company (TCS NZ Ltd) which has more than 35 years of industrial control automation engineering in New Zealand’s leading industries.

With three levels of energy saving solution i.e. Air & Water: Essential, Advance and Elite, as well as the Ultimate level of automation. ATA Touch has a solution to meet all budgets.

At Air & water Essential Level, our base offering is with heating/cooling for your home as well as domestic hot water heating or underfloor heating or spa or swimming pool heating – all from the one Fujitsu heat pump with savings up to 66% on power use.

At Air & water Advanced Level we step things up with multi-zone (six or more zones/rooms) split-ducted climate control in your home as well as the choice of water heating – domestic hot water or underfloor or spa or swimming pool. The power savings grow.

And at Air & water Elite level we provide the multi-zoned, multi-ducted, multiple water heating solution that means you can have as many zones/rooms in your home heated or cooled as you want, along with any or all of the water heating options – domestic hot water, underfloor, spa and swimming pool. Even more power savings.

Finally with the Ultimate level of automation we add the options of the first three Air & Water solutions with smoke and intruder alarms, as well as controls for blinds, curtains, windows, garage doors, gas fires and much more.

Power savings, intuitive home automation and a lifestyle others will envy. ATA Touch also brings with it sophisticated LED lighting solutions with ultra-thin extra low voltage safe lighting that does impinge on your insulation barrier as it surface mounted and only 8mm thick. It uses space-age technology to spread the light wider (170 degrees) and reduces any heat generated which in turn makes the light last longer and use less energy. Fulfilling your feature lighting needs is also something ATA Touch does with a range of bulbs and other light options from tread/pathway lighting to strip lighting.

All this comes at a touch of three other ATA Touch developments – · the Touch Screen that is the brain, the system with multi-faceted control of all ATA Touch functions including scheduling and monitoring, The Touch Switch to turn lights and other devices off and on, dim lights and more, ATA Touch Mobile app to mirror the controls of the Touch Screen on your smartphone from anywhere. ATA Touch is designed to be fully expandable and scalable so you can easily add devices and functions to the system.

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You can also contact Nish at ATA Touch on the given contact number 07 849 7729.