Cabling System

The Ata Touch smart cabling system is based on distributed control
technology to simplify requirements while adding functionality.


The Ata Touch cabling system is designed to be minimalistic and uses industry standard cabling to simplify the installation process and reduce the amount of cabling required.

All of the Ata Touch devices operate on 24V DC and have built in protections to make it very safe to work with. The Ata Touch configuration builder automatically produces wiring diagrams to help make installation even easier


A 230V AC supply feeds the power pack which can consist of up to 4 x 10A or 3 x 20A 24V DC power supplies. So a single feed is all that is required.

From the power pack up to 8 x power bus feeds connect the various load switching devices such as the light controllers. The cable size is determined by loading and cable distance.

The lights are connected to zones of the light controllers which are placed in close proximity to the area of lights they will control.

A daisy-chained data cable connects all the Ata Touch devices (lighting controllers, touch switches, damper controllers, touch screen controllers, relay modules etc). This is a simple four-core cable (or you can use CAT 5 cable) consisting of power and data.

Ethernet is connected to the touch screen controller and provides the back bone to multiple touch screen controllers if required, as well as the internet, via a router.

As the system is software driven there is no need to worry about complex wiring for multi-purpose switching. As long as the LED light or load device is wired to a lighting controller or relay controller then it can be switched, dimmed or controlled.