Configuration Builder

Our configuration builder provides an easy to use way
of configuring the Ata Touch system and providing the
unique functionality required for installation.


The Ata Touch configuration builder (ACB) is a user friendly graphic tool which means devices are easy to drag and drop onto a house plan. Devices are then simple to connect to control and set their functionality.

Default settings minimise the set up time, but let the control be defined, and redefined, as needed.


  • Add customer details
  • Import floor plan
  • Add devices
  • Add operational functionality
  • Test functionality
  • Produce installation documentation such as bill of materials and lighting/wiring plans
  • Print labels for touch switches
  • Download and upload configuration to the touch screen controller


After importing your floorplan image, you simply drag icons from our existing devices library (toolbox) onto the plan in an approximate location where the device is going to be installed.

Creating functionality is as simple as selecting a switching device and connecting the load devices to the appropriate functions. Once configuration is complete send an updated configuration to your touch screen controller, or if your system has not been installed yet, send lighting/wiring plans and bill of materials to the installer.


Computer System Requirements

Disk space:
Hardware accelerated
Dual Core

Operating system:
Windows 10
4GB (256MB free)

Operating system:
Windows Vista SP2 with .net framework 4.5.1 installed
768MB (256MB free)