Easy to install

Save time and money when you install an Ata Touch system. Install Air & Water Essential, Air & Water Elite or the Ata Touch home automation system – by using either one of our installers or your own preferred qualified electrician, plumber, and Fujitsu Accredited Installer.

We offer support and technical advice as needed.

Simple cabling system

Our cabling system is designed to simplify and minimise installation while providing flexibility not achievable in conventional installations. Ata Touch reconfigurations are easily made by software changes instead of having to rework hardware or cabling.

Touch screen controller

The brain of the system is just as easy to install as any other device. Screen generation is automatically created by our Configuration Builder.

Air & Water

No harder to install than a standard system. Wiring is simple with clearly marked connections of data and power cables.


Extra low voltage lighting is connected to lighting controllers which minimises cabling requirements and maximises functionality. Our ultra-thin LED lighting is surfaced mounted to a magnetic bracket, making them the easiest downlight to install.

Touch switch

Simply connected to the data network. Functionality is set through the Configuration Builder and is easily reconfigured to provide flexibility and choice for your changing lifestyle.