Energy Saving


Energy efficient technology

Ata Touch tackles the energy hungry areas of your home with significant savings.

Home heating, water heating and lighting make up 71% of the energy consumption in the average New Zealand home (Branz Household Energy End-Use Project).

Ata Touch focuses primarily on these three energy use areas with its hardware and software solution, but also observes the home activity to further minimise energy without compromising comfort.

Make the most of your heat pump

Heat pumps are known as the most energy efficient form of heating. Ata Touch provides a heat pump solution known as Air & Water to reduce your water heating bill by up to 66% and minimises your home heating energy while maintaining a desired comfort level creating a further 15% saving.

Our system, powered by a Fujitsu heat pump, not only heats the air and water more efficiently but also saves by better management. Traditional cylinders overheat your water 24/7 and waste energy.

When you install the Air & Water Elite system Ata Touch provides regulated climate control for your whole home. Touch switches measure temperature and movement, our energy management system uses this information and controls air flow as required, balancing areas to minimise energy consumption while maintaining a desired comfort level.

Continue savings when you leave home

With Ata Touch you can easily shut off unnecessary energy use.

Slash lighting costs

Ata Touch LED lighting is an extra low voltage system that cuts energy use compared with standard lighting.

Our system collects data to make informed decisions on how to best manage your home's energy use and provides further savings.

  • LEDs last up to 10x longer than a standard light bulb
  • Reducing waste and saving you money
  • Save up to 90% energy compared to a traditional bulb