Ata Touch is designed and developed in New Zealand, based on over 30 years of industrial automation development and incorporates proven world-leading technology to give you fingertip control of your life.

Development of this cutting-edge home automation system began in 2013 with Peter and Jain Tait (the founders of Ata Touch) who were building their new home. They looked at automation and energy efficient products and found there was nothing that provided a holistic approach, at a cost that was affordable to the average home owner.

This spurred Peter and Jain on to develop, virtually from scratch, the Ata Touch system.

“Our aim was to provide a system that provided a realistic return on investment, through energy savings created using advanced industrial control technology that we'd pioneered and implemented throughout the years. This would make it affordable to the average home owner and benefit the country.”

Ata Touch utilises an integrated approach to automating your home for cost efficient energy savings and an easy lifestyle.

Energy Efficient Technology

Home heating, water heating and lighting make up 71% of the energy consumption in the average New Zealand home (Branz Household Energy End-Use Project).

Ata Touch focuses primarily on these three energy use areas with its hardware and software solution but also observes the home activity to further minimise energy without compromising comfort.


Air & Water Essential

Air & Water Essential is our innovative energy efficient system that provides a low cost means of climate control and water heating cleverly powered by a heat pump.

The Essential package saves you money as it uses less power saving up to 66% of your hot water heating bill.

Heat pumps are known as the most energy efficient form of heating. Ata Touch manages the heat pump to further minimise energy used while maintaining a desired comfort level creating a further 15% saving. Powered by a common heat pump means your capital outlay is dramatically reduced to achieve these savings. A heat pump heats water 2 x faster than a traditional electric cylinder, for less than a third of the cost. Traditional cylinders overheat your water 24/7 and waste energy.

See Air & Water Essential for more info.

Ata Touch Automation

This is the full and ever expandable package that includes water heating, multi-zone climate control, and automation of your lifestyle at home.

The automation of your home with Ata Touch uses a holistic approach to control all aspects of the home. Control takes place over a single data cable as opposed to having to install multiple layers of infrastructure as each provider adds their equipment.

With Ata Touch you reduce the installation cost and increase your control.

See Home Automation for more info.

Air and Water Elite

For the ultimate in energy savings and comfort Ata Touch has Air & Water Elite, providing multi-zone climate control; and water heating for spas, swimming pools, water cylinders and underfloor heating.

With the multi-zone climate control air flow is regulated and controlled in each chosen area. Touch switches measure temperature and movement. Ata Touch controls airflow as required, balancing areas to minimising energy consumption while maintaining a desired comfort level. When movement isn’t detected Ata Touch can shut down areas, until the sensor detects movement again.

Adding on to Elite to further automate your home can be easily done during initial installation and at a later date with reconfiguration where needed.

See Air & Water Elite for more info.