Lighting Systems

Stylish, flexible, reliable and saves you money.


LED Lights NZ

Ata Touch LED lights run on extra low voltage (24 volts DC), vastly increasing reliability and decreasing cost. Controlled by our smart multi-zone lighting devices.

  • LEDs last up to 10 x longer than standard bulbs
  • They cut the hassle of changing light bulbs, reducing waste and saving you money
  • Save up to 90% on your energy use compared to a traditional bulb with the same light output

Touch switch

Our touch switch replaces a traditional light switch. Simply tap on and double tap off.

  • Six programmable touch and hold locations
  • Back lighting for locating at night
  • Optional motion, temperature, and light sensing
  • Face plate options: Titania White or Gull Grey

Ultra-thin lights

Our ultra-thin LEDs, with 6 inch 10 watt and 8 inch 15 watt options, are easy to install with a smart magnetic bracket or spring clips (retrofit).

When surface mounted on the magnetic bracket only a small cable hole is required to access the ceiling so there is no heat loss and no interference with insulation.

The diamond cut prismatic diffuser provides a wider spread of light at 170⁰, adding to your savings as fewer lights are required for the same area.


Pathway lighting

Subtle LED lighting can be used in hallways and staircases. Great for motion activated lighting to easily guide your way in the night.

Feature lighting

We can easily incorporate feature lighting. Pick a design that suits your home and control it with Ata Touch.