Lighting is another feature of Ata Touch that sets it apart from the rest.


Ata Touch lighting is designed to be technically correct, with ultra thin lighting second to none.

Ata Touch LED lights run on extra low voltage (24 volts DC), vastly increasing reliability and decreasing cost. Our LED lights can save up to 90% on your energy use compared to a traditional bulb with the same light output. Controlled by our smart multi-zone lighting devices the LEDs also last up to 10 x longer than standard bulbs. They cut the hassle of changing light bulbs, reducing waste and saving you money.


The base lighting Ata Touch offers is exactly that and you can add all the feature lighting you want to get the pizzazz you want.

All Ata Touch lighting aims to ensure the light withstands the test of time to minimise the total cost of ownership. The lights are designed to run cool to minimise degradation which means the light output will be much the same in 10 years time as the day you bought it.

The ultra thin downlights (15.24cm 10 watt and 20.32cm 15 watt) are something very special with a diamond cut prismatic diffuser. This has two advantages, the first is that the whole fitting is only 8mm think and is surface mounted the second is that is throws the light 170° which means you need less of them.

The surface mounting means you don’t have to cut big holes in your ceiling and insulation so no more heat loss.

The lights also needs no driver as a simple current limit circuit is all that is need. It couldn’t be easier.