Why Natural Gas is more expensive than just your power bill and Ata Touch as an alternative.

First, we need to understand what Natural Gas is then why Ata Touch is a cost effective alternative for energy efficient heating.

Gas is a non-renewable resource that we can use to generate electricity to power our homes, and it is one of the cleaner fossil fuels. Gas and other non-renewable resources (such as coal and oil) make up roughly a quarter of New Zealand’s electricity supply.

Let us go back and have a look at some of the history behind Natural Gas. The Chinese people found gas leaks in 500BC and used bamboo as pipes to take the gas back to the sea. Once transported, the gas was used to boil the salt water to separate the water from the salt, so they had fresh drinking water.

The first time we see it used in houses was in Persia during the first century AD. According to Quake Energy’s fun facts on gas, the gas that seeped up from the ground was struck by lightning, thus creating a flame. There were no pipes at this stage, so the king built his kitchen by the flame. It has genuinely helped people throughout the centuries so what is the issue?

In some ways, Natural Gas is one of our saviours. We see it more and more. People are building and they want gas to power their home. After all it is so cheap, and it is instant! Gas and oil rigs in Taranaki are providing many people with jobs with decent pay. As mentioned above, it is cleaner than most fossil fuels too, emitting less carbon dioxide into the environment than others

Fossil Fuel

But being a fossil fuel, what happens when our supply gets low? The prices will go up, especially for the everyday consumer. And it might just happen in our life time. According to Octopus energy “If we keep burning fossil fuels at our rate, it is generally estimated that all our fossil fuels will be depleted by 2060.”

A graph found on Ecotricity’s article titled “When will fossil fuels run out?” shows us exactly what is expected.

Natural Gas, oil and coal - unsustainable reserves.

Gas and oil drilling is also an incredibly dangerous job, hence the large pay cheque. The drilling is also harmful to the environment. We have seen as much when the Rena oil spill was just off of the surf of Mount Maunganui, so should we risk the same thing with oil and gas drilling? When we look at it, there are penalties at every stage of the gas process.

Drilling is dangerous for its workers and a risk to the environment, it destroys environments, when we transport the gas we use trucks that burn more fossil fuels to get it where it needs to be, and when it is being used we experience carbon emissions and air pollution.

Renewable Energy

So what other options are there? In New Zealand, we are immensely lucky to have a range of renewable resources to provide us with electricity. We have water flowing all around us (Hydro), we have sun beaming down on us (Solar), we have plenty of wind to warrant using wind turbines, and a couple of other options as well.

Hydropower and wind have a default efficiency of 100% while gas has a default efficiency of just 30%. Source

Ata Touch

Ata Touch uses this renewable energy and provides a return of investment within 3-4 years.

Ata Touch uses highly efficient heat pump technology to heat your home and hot water, saving you up to 66% of your water heating alone.

Having a look into Natural Gas and the current prices, we can see why you would jump at an opportunity to install it. But knowing the consequences and knowing that the prices will rise in our lifetime is a concerning. Thinking ahead, what happens when you install it and the prices go up? What if you try to sell your home in 10 or 20 years when the prices have gone up and you cannot sell it due to no one wanting to pay the large power bills?

Smart Home Living

As mentioned in Ata Touch’s previous piece of writing titled “Smart Home Living – the future is here” we need to be thinking of the future and future proofing our homes. Smart home technology is getting more and more popular and there is a clear increase in people starting to think green. Thinking ahead like this does not just benefit the planet, it benefits you. So, you make the choice. Do you want to pay the price for Natural Gas?