Power Pack

Designed to convert mains supply to provide extra low voltage power.


Our power pack can deliver up to 60 amps of 24V DC power and is designed to provide the power requirements for an average home control, lighting and other 24V DC devices.


  • Wall recess mounted
  • Individually fused power supply circuit protection with LED indication
  • Industrial quality power supplies
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload and over current (surge) protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Quad-redundant supply to data cable
  • Standby power capable


Our power pack is industrial quality with voltage and current control built in. It is arranged to run up to eight 24V DC power bus cables throughout the house feeding the lighting drivers and providing power for the data bus and smart devices.

The data bus and smart devices are fed from all power supplies to ensure that should a fault occur on one power bus the remainder of the system stays working.
For the least amount of voltage drop centrally mount the power pack and run suitable sized conductors.

Technical specifications

Permissable ambient temperature:
-25⁰C to +70⁰C

Input voltage:
110 – 240V AC

Output voltage:
24V DC

Output current:
10 - 60 Amps


C-Tick, CB, CE, TUV, UL


SDR-240-24 power supply (up to 4 per power pack):

Output current:
10 Amps

240 Watts

SDR-480-24 power supply (up to 3 per power pack):

Output current:
20 Amps

480 Watts


Short Circuit, Overload/Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature.

Ata Touch 485 bus: 1.5A self-resetting fuse and quad redundancy.

Power bus: 10A blade fuse for each channel (replaceable to suit wiring configuration).