Ata Touch LED lights run on 24 volt extra low voltage, vastly increasing reliability and decreasing cost. Controlled by our smart multi-zone lighting devices.

LED lights:

  • Over 50,000 hours lifetime - up to 10 times longer than a standard light bulb
  • Avoid the hassle of changing light bulbs - reducing waste and saving you money
  • Save up to 90% energy compared to a traditional bulb with the same light output

Bringing you industrial quality

Industrial control systems switched to extra low voltage over 25 years ago in order to simplify, lessen risk, and reduce costs. Factories run 24/7 on 24 volts DC with millions of dollars’ worth of product. Ata Touch has been developed to bring this reliable technology to you.

Innovation that makes a difference

Running on extra low voltage our LED lighting is so efficient, saving energy, creating longevity and is safer to work with. Ata Touch eliminates the internal drivers traditionally used in LED lights, significantly increasing their lifetime (often it’s LED light drivers that makes them fail).

Dimming included

Our lighting controller is a key component of the system with the ability to control up to 5 areas, each consisting of multiple lights. The lighting controller automatically comes with dimming; no additional hardware is required when connecting to our lights.

Simple cabling system

Lights are simply connected to a lighting driver, located in close proximity. Our Power Pack provides the extra low voltage, and the daisy chain data network provides the control commands. This combination simplifies our wiring but allows the complexity of control you require. Easily reconfigure and add devices using our Configuration Builder.

Touch switch

Our touch switch replaces a traditional light switch and integrates motion sensors, temperature sensors and ambient light sensors as desired.

Simply tap on, and double tap off. Instead of turning lights on one at a time set up Ata Touch with your preferred mood, turning on multiple devices at once. Touch and hold gives you more precise control and activates dimming. All touch switches are easily reconfigured to provide flexibility and choice for your changing lifestyle.

  • Built in dimming control
  • Custom descriptors for moods
  • Back lighting for night use
  • Coloured face plate options grey or pearl

An ambient light sensor measures the light in the room, your curtains and blinds can close when it’s getting dark and the temperature is starting to drop helping to hold in the heat of the day. The temperature sensor ensures accurate climate control in individual areas. Presence sensing detects movement and can be used to turn off heating, lighting or other devices if no movement is detected.


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