“Work smarter, not harder”, isn’t that what they say? Well, imagine a smart home that does it for you – 10 years ago this was unimaginable in reality, something for science fiction, movies, and a little scary to some.

Today more and more homes are heading in this direction with smart home automation companies constantly coming up with new concepts. 

In another 10 years, could everything be completely automated and completely cordless, including our appliances, and all at a touch of your phone or voice? 

Your smart home might be built with things like a universal charging station for your cellphones instead of all the cords you deal with today, or you could slide your phone over a spot in the wall to charge.

Maybe things will be bigger than that, we will have robots roaming our houses and all the thinking for home living will be done for us. 

Despite all the advances so far in technology a lot of people still struggle to see things heading this way, but right now smart homes are becoming increasingly easy to have and increasingly popular, just in a less scary way.

You can put in smart home automation systems like ATA Touch which use a heat pump for more than one purpose.   Because why not make it do more than one thing especially with the energy savings solution available.

Using heat pump technology provides great cost efficiencies with power usage slashed – many heat pumps give up to three or more units of energy for every unit used to run the system.

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In the case of heating hot water this means a direct saving of up to 66% of power use plus with Ata Touch you can control when you heat the water for further savings in running costs.

Why stop there? Heat your spa, underfloor heating and swimming pool.

The ATA Touch system means you can also have lighting Solutions that sense your movement and turn on when you enter a room – no more having to feel around the walls in the dark. 

You can schedule your smart home and make it do what you want from your phone at home or away from home. This means you can turn lights off and on for security reasons, open and close curtains/blinds, turn the heating/cooling on or off (or set a temperature level for the house to maintain), turn the spa pool on and a lot more.

Home automation companies like Ata Touch are working to find ways to help all of us make our lives easier rather than just producing elite luxury systems that are complicated and costly. 

They are looking at ways to produce more energy-efficient homes, user-friendly homes, easily accessible homes and comfortable homes that intuitively work for you even before you get home from work. 

An added extra is that a smart home system gives your home a point of difference when it comes time to sell which could mean more interested buyers and a better price.

While not all of us are ready for a smart home, smart homes seem to be ready for us.