Our happy customers love the energy cost savings, control and flexibility Ata Touch gives them.

Shon Letford
Luxe Designer Homes

“I saw Ata Touch giving our show home a unique selling point that would set it above other show homes. The cost savings of the home and hot water heating, the safety of the 24 volt lighting and the new-age controls complement our home designs and visions. The people at AtaTouch have been great to work with.”

Travis Kask
Hubands Energy

“I was looking to include Ata Touch in my new home because I really like the idea of only needing one outdoor unit to do multiple jobs such as underfloor heating and heating my home plus all the control it gives you. The automation of a home is also something that is exciting buyers we have been working with – they love it. Ata Touch has been really helpful answering questions and helping with the design.”

Garry Spriggs
Nelson Heat Pumps

“Ata Touch really does everything that I was looking for when I started planning my new home. It gives me under floor heating, domestic hot water heating plus ducted home heating with full control over multiple zones and the added advantage of this also being controllable from wifi.”

Hamilton – medium sized three-bedroom home


“Ata Touch has changed our way of life giving us more control of our home environment, more flexibility. It has reduced the amount of energy required to live comfortably, without having to make sacrifices in our daily lives. The cost savings and having full control of household systems without needing to be a technology guru is very satisfying and I can thoroughly recommend it to others. We recognise now that there is a better way to take control of energy use to create an efficient, low energy consuming home.”

Noel and Diane
Te Kowhai – family of four living on a small lifestyle property


“Having Ata Touch in our home has given us a level of luxury and greater convenience at an ongoing cost less than when we lived in a home with none of the Ata Touch mod cons. The service they have provided, right from the early days of planning and installation through to on-going upgrades, has been outstanding. The products they have installed have also been excellent.”

John Higgins
Waihi Beach – new beach house

Compared to traditional lighting the Ata Touch system is very modern, robust and innovative. We would certainly recommend it. While delivery, service and quality are very important it was the value for money the Ata Touch lighting gives that convinced us to have the system installed. The best thing about the Ata Touch system has been the stylish lighting, its durability (long lasting lights), the extra low voltage, plus the back-up service. The ease of operation and the ability to re-programme settings to suit our requirements and adjust if required is great.

Mark and Vicki
Christchurch – married couple with young family


“Having Ata Touch in our home has given us a level of luxury and greater convenience at an ongoing cost less than when we lived in a home with none of the Ata Touch mod cons.”

Whangamata – grandparents


“I chose Ata Touch as, through TCS, it is a local and known company with a good reputation for innovation and on-going development. The system is modern, simple and economic while the service is great!”

Chris and Grace
Tamahere – young professionals with a child


“Ata Touch has been greatly assisting with our energy cost savings and helping us to live more sustainably. On top of the automation, LED lighting and energy efficient heat pump technology to heat our home and our hot water, the power scheduling feature has also given us great tangible savings. Ata Touch has enabled us to save 23.6% on our power bill in the last 12 months by scheduling our large power consumption appliances to run when electricity cost is near zero.”

Tony and Linda
Whangarei area


“Fantastic people and company to work with. The product is second to none. We are very happy to recommend this company and product to anyone”