Ata Touch home automation is designed and developed in New Zealand and built to meet the needs of kiwis in our diverse climates. This sophisticated, holistic system is the first of its kind in the world and is leading the way in home automation.

When you think of “sophisticated” and “luxurious”, something that doesn’t naturally spring to mind at the same time is “cost savings.”

Prepare to have your thinking challenged.

The Ata Touch all-on-one platform can manage a multitude of control functions in the home while slashing your energy costs by up to a third. Because Ata Touch integrates so many aspects over a single network it also lowers your capital outlay for a highly advanced automation system as devices can be used to control many functions.

For instance, a touch switch with motion, temperature and light sensing incorporated becomes your climate control, security system, night light control, lighting activation, dimming and speed control and much, much more.

The savings you will enjoy will provide you a realistic return on your investment timeframe.    

By integrating water heating and climate control from a common heat pump source you get unparalleled benefits:

  • water heat recovery in half the time for a third of the cost.
  • zone-controlled heating or cooling that puts energy where it is required quickly and efficiently, saving even more costs.
  • Spa pool heating from that same heat pump heat source with 1500 to 2000 litres heating in only 4 to 5 hours and for up to a quarter of the cost of electric heating.
  • Ultra-thin, extra low voltage dimmable lighting that does not penetrate the ceiling cavity and has no drivers, spreading its light evenly throughout the room with a 170° light beam.
  • Touch switch control throughout the home integrating motion, temperature, lighting, security and much more.
  • Simply schedule device activities to maximise their benefits and minimise their running costs. Enable away mode when you go on holiday, shutting down non-critical devices and enabling lighting to create the effect that someone is home.

Solutions that grow with you

The Ata Touch System is modular and configurable, so you can run as much or as little as you want in your house. Its distributed device control and cabling system
simplifies installation while maximising control functionality. With Ata Touch you can add more devices simply and cost effectively whenever you want.

Manage from anywhere

Control takes place over a single data cable, and encompasses a broad range of devices, so you don’t have to cobble together multi-vendor offerings with infrastructure on top of infrastructure each with a different control function to learn and support. Ata Touch makes it simple for you to manage your home from your smart phone from anywhere in the world (providing internet access is available), so you can manage your home without even being there.

Control at your fingertips

The Touch Screen Controller (TSC) is the brain of the system, and you can have one or as many as you need. Each TSC is explicitly linked over the ethernet backbone so it all becomes one and any TSC can access and control any device on any of the TSCs seamlessly, giving you quick and easy control of your home.

The Ata Mobile App looks exactly like your Touch Screen, giving you the same control wherever in the world you may be.

Solutions to fit

Tailored to meet your budget and needs, there are four offerings that can stand alone or be part of the ultimate solution.

Essential Air & Water is a simple split-ducted Hi-Wall heat pump that allows you to heat or cool one room (eg your living room) plus heat your domestic hot water cylinder efficiently and cost effectively.

Advanced Air & Water is a split-ducted multi-zone solution that allows you to heat or cool multiple rooms as well as heat your domestic hot water cylinder efficiently and cost effectively.

Elite Air & Water is a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) multi-ducted, multi-zone solution that allows you to heat or cool multiple rooms, operate hydronic underfloor heating, heat a spa pool or swimming pool, and of course heat your domestic hot water cylinder efficiently and very cost effectively.

All of these solutions can be standalone or integrated as part of an Ata Touch Ultimate solution that includes every aspect of the home control requirements. 

Once configured to your requirements you can leave Ata Touch to do the thinking for you, so you to come home to a more comfortable, secure and cheaper-to-run home.

Let’s get started on future home plans now and engineer a solution for you and your family.