Ultra-thin Lighting

An environmental and energy efficient solution for interior lighting.
Designed to be your base lighting coloured in white to disappear into your ceiling.


Our ultra-thin LEDs, with 6 inch 10 watt and 8 inch 15 watt options, are easy to install with a smart magnetic bracket or spring clips.

When surface mounted on the magnetic bracket only a small cable hole is required to access the ceiling so there is no heat loss and no interference with insulation.

The diamond cut prismatic diffuser provides a wider spread of light at 170⁰, adding to your savings as fewer lights are required for the same area.


  • Ultra-thin, 8mm
  • Diamond cut prismatic diffuser with 170⁰ light spread
  • Warm white lighting
  • Low temperature dissipation (< 60⁰C) IC rated
  • 10W (168mm/6 inches) and 15W (203mm/8 inches) options
  • Peak current adjusted for super long life and low light output degradation
  • Mounting plate with rare earth magnet attachment to fitting
  • Extra low voltage (24V DC) so super safe to work on


Technical specifications

Permissable ambient temperature:
-40⁰C to +80⁰C

Power Supply Voltage:
24V DC

Wide beam angle:



Surface Mounted:
Magnetic Bracket or Spring

Max temperature:

Colour Rendering Index:
75 CRI

Light Temperature:
3,500 Kelvin

10 Watt

Current draw: 0.416 Amps @ 24V DC
Light output: 847 Lumens
Weight: 0.3kg

15 Watt

Current draw: 0.625 Amps @ 24V DC
Light output: 1155 Lumens
Weight: 0.5kg