Lighting Range

Ata Touch features an ever expanding range of light solutions that incorporate market-leading technology that is safe, modern, energy efficient and long-lasting.

Flat Pack Lighting

An ideal solution for lighting larger spaces or areas where a lot of light is needed such as garages, workshops and studios.

These lights are easy to install and can be surface mounted directly to the ceiling so there is no heat loss or interference with insulation.


Pathway Lighting

An environmental and energy efficient solution for lighting stairs and hallways that is compact and elegant. Great for motion activated lighting to easily guide your way in the night.

Our pathway lighting is an ideal solution where subtle LED lighting is required for illuminating stairs or down your hallway.


Ultra Thin Lighting

An environmental and energy efficient solution for interior lighting. Designed to be your base lighting coloured in white to disappear into your ceiling.

Our ultra-thin LEDs, with 15.24cm 10 watt and 20.32cm 15 watt options, are easy to install with a smart magnetic bracket or spring clips.


Feature Lighting

Create the ambience you want by adding feature lighting with ATA Touch extra low voltage dimmable vintage LED Bulbs.

ATA Touch vintage filament LED bulbs come in three sizes G125, G95, G80 and vary in wattage per size.


Outdoor Flood Lighting

Our outdoor lighting is modern, stylish and flexible with low energy use.

Our flood lighting provides a safe and stylish LED option for both outdoor living and security needs.


Recessed LED Lighting

Designed to blend into your ceiling for that now well recognised downlight fitting and perfect for a renovation to LED from traditional recessed lights.

These lights, with a range of sizes and light strengths, are easy to install in a traditional light fitting using standard light switches, or can take advantage of the extra low voltage option available as part of the Ata Touch system, including touch switches.