Robust Mechanisms

Ata Touch has developed it's own robust mechanisms including controllers and switches.

Touch Controller

The Touch Screen Controller sends control information from one device to another and creates a model of how the house is used to better manage the energy. In a building there can be a single Touch Screen Controller or there can be many to provide multiple points of control.


Touch Switch

Our touch switch replaces a traditional light switch. Simply tap, double tap, or touch and hold to turn on or off the choice is yours.

Our touch switch is designed to provide touch control to operate anything from lighting, heating, blinds, curtains, etc. It is wall mounted and fits in a standard single way flush box.


Cabling System

The Ata Touch smart cabling system is based on distributed control technology to simplify requirements while adding functionality.

The Ata Touch cabling system is designed to be minimalistic and uses industry standard cabling to simplify the installation process and reduce the amount of cabling required.


Power Pack

Designed to convert mains supply to provide extra low voltage power.

Our power pack can deliver up to 60 amps of 24V DC power and is designed to provide the power requirements for an average home control, lighting and other 24V DC devices.


Lighting Controller

This compact unit provides the distributed
I/O points that connect a cluster of lights
in an area.

The lighting controller is not necessarily used solely as a LED lighting control it is also capable of controlling other 24V DC loads such as the Ata Touch extractor fans, relays to switch 230V AC loads, damper motors etc


Window Actuator Driver

The Window Actuator Driver is designed to control the motion of a 24VDC window actuator. It allows you to manually or automatically activate windows to any degree of opening.


Relay Driver

The Relay Drivers provide a clean contact interface for isolated supplies such as 230VAC devices. These may be fans, curtains, blinds, doors or any other third party products you want to control.